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The Beard Engineering Company Ltd

"Specialists in large milling & planing"


Beard Engineering has 4 large robust Plano-millers. This allows for various parts to be simultaneously machined for the same project, thus increasing productivity and reducing customer delivery times.
Our 4 Plano-millers can machine up to:

  • 8,500mm in length
  • 3,100mm in width
  • 2,500mm in height
  • 15 tonnes in weight

Plano-milling is a flexible process enabling 5 and occasionally 6 faces to be machined in one set. They are also capable of horizontal and vertical boring up to 800mm diameter providing versatility with economy.
All machines are equipped with a Ram-Type Head, various right angled attachments and a programmable 3 Axis DRO (Digital Read Out).
To increase the capability of these machines even further, we work closely with tooling manufacturers to design and develop our own bespoke cutting tools and machining techniques.

Our specific machine working envelopes:

  • Hulse Planomiller  8500mm x 3100mm x 2500mm
  • Loudon Planomiller  6100mm x 2280mm x 2000mm
  • Butler Planomiller  4270mm x 1980mm x 1500mm
  • Butler Planomiller  3050mm x 1370mm x 1220mm